How to Buy Teeth Whitening Gel Refills

How to Buy Teeth Whitening Gel Refills
Whitening Advice

Teeth whitening has become the world’s most popular cosmetic procedure and, now that teeth-whitening treatments have become less expensive, and aftercare products like teeth whitening gel refills are so readily available to use in your own home, there has never been a better time to achieve a perfect white smile.

Of course, there are several things to consider before you can boast the perfect pearly whites. Firstly, you need to decide if you want to visit your dentist for a teeth whitening treatment, or if you would prefer to purchase one of the many different at-home teeth whitening kits that are available on both the high-street and online. After you have decided on a method of treatment, and in order to maintain your new white smile, you will need to choose what teeth whitening gel refill will work best for you once you have run out of the original gel provided.

Professional teeth whitening treatments

If you choose to visit your dentist for a teeth whitening treatment, they will likely offer you either an in-clinic treatment or a take-home kit. The in-clinic teeth whitening treatments, which are often the most expensive form of teeth-whitening procedures, usually involve a one-off session in which your dentist will apply a whitening gel to your teeth before using a special laser or light to active the gel. This tends to only take up to one hour but is an expensive way to achieve a whiter smile.

The second procedure will involve your dentist taking an impression of your teeth and making a custom whitening tray or mouthguard. Your dentist will then instruct you on how to use a teeth whitening gel with your unique whitening tray. You will be given directions on how frequently, and for how many hours at a time, to use the teeth-whitening gel.

At-home teeth-whitening treatments

Because teeth whitening has become such a popular cosmetic procedure, the demand for less expensive and more convenient at-home teeth whitening treatment kits has seen a huge rise in the variety of products available on the market. While you can buy at-home teeth-whitening kits from your local drugstore, the most popular destination to buy these DIY kits is online.

There are a huge range of teeth-whitening kits available on the Internet—from budget whitening strips to full whitening kits that come with teeth-whitening gel activating lights.

Teeth whitening gel

Whatever treatment you decide on, or whichever teeth-whitening kit you end up buying, the most important factor in achieving a perfect white smile will be the whitening gel. Most teeth-whitening gels contain a type of peroxide—along with a few other elements that improve the peroxide’s performance and minimize sensitivity, such as potassium nitrate and amorphous calcium phosphate.

If you have your treatment carried out by a dentist, they will give you a supply of gel to take home with you, or if you purchase an at-home teeth-whitening kit, it will come with teeth-whitening gel.

While these gels can last for up to a year if refrigerated, people often don’t store them properly or let them run past their use-by date. It may be that they still have their teeth-whitening tray, but they no longer have any gel to use with it. Luckily, there are many different varieties and brands of teeth-whitening gel refills to choose from should this happen.

Teeth whitening gel refills

Teeth whitening gel refills are readily available to buy when you need to replace your original teeth-whitening gel. Even after teeth whitening treatments, your teeth will not stay white on their own for long. You should keep track of when they are beginning to yellow and always make sure that you have refills available. It’s often recommended to keep one or two refills in the refrigerator in case you run out, or in case you have a special occasion where you want your smile to dazzle.

With so many teeth whitening gel refills on the market, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start or which one to choose. There are several things to look for when deciding on a teeth whitening gel refill. You might discover that your original teeth-whitening gel was not the best one for you. Now that you have either your custom teeth-whitening tray, or a tray that came with your home-purchase kit—which, if looked after will last for years—you have the option of picking the best teeth whitening gel refill for your needs.

It’s important to look for a teeth whitening gel refill that provides the same quality and standard of those you would be given by your dentist. Often, a teeth whitening gel refill will have a “Dentist Approved” stamp on it if it is professionally recommended.

You also want to look for teeth whitening gel refills that have the same or similar percentage of carbamide peroxide as the gels that dentists use, which is commonly between 25-40%.

Beware of very lowend teeth whitening gel refills on the market, which may promise incredible results and be appealing because of the cheap pricetag. Often these teeth whitening gel refills are not manufactured by reputable or recommended brands, and some do not say what percentage of carbamide peroxide they contain.

Keeping whitened teeth white

It doesn’t matter if you visit your dental professional for a teeth-whitening treatment, or if you buy an at-home kit—your teeth whitening treatment will not last forever and you will have to repeat the procedure once your teeth start to discolor again. You can extend the length of results using a few simple tips, such as drinking through a straw, avoid drinking and eating staining foodssuch as coffee and red wine—and always make sure you have teeth whitening gel refills stocked in the refrigerator at home for the next time you need your smile to be flawlessly white.