Lovely Smile Premium Line Teeth Whitening Strips

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  • Nice flavor
  • Gentle action
  • Work fast


  • Can take a while to see results


With it's gentle action and pleasant taste you're sure to see great results.

When you’re looking for teeth whitening strips, you want a product that is going to work fast and offer results that will last for a long time. You also want something that is easy to use and won’t make a big mess. The Lovely Smile Premium strips are able to do all this and more, which makes them a great deal that nearly anyone can use to get a dazzling white smile.


  • Results in an hour. You only need to wear these strips for around 30 minutes at a time, but you can wear them for up to an hour if you want. Either way, you will be able to see results after just one use, which is something you don’t see in some other models being sold.

  • Long lasting results. If you use a whole kit of these strips, which is around 2 week’s worth, you will be able to see results for up to 12 months. That means you don’t have to buy the product all the time to keep your teeth looking bright.

  • Enamel-safe gel. The whitening gel that is on each strip is enamel safe. This means it doesn’t contain any ingredients that will wear away at your teeth. They are safe to use every day, or even twice a day if you want, without any negative side effects.

  • Nice minty flavor. The formula also has a minty flavor that isn’t too overpowering and won’t put you off. It is pleasant enough that most people will enjoy it, so you don’t have to worry that this product will have a terrible taste that you will find disagreeable.

  • Easy to use. The strips are easy to use right out of the box. You simply put them on your teeth, where they conform to each tooth, so you can get the special whitening formula on the front and back of each of your teeth. This way, you will be able to see results as soon as possible, so you know these strips are doing what they say they can do.

  • Won’t make a mess. As long as this product is used correctly, it won’t create any mess. However, you do need to take a little care to make sure that you don’t get it on your gums, hands, or clothes because it can cause irritation.

Things to remember

There are other things to consider whenever you’re trying to make your mouth look whiter. If you’re worried about your enamel, you’ll need to evaluate the foods and liquids you’re taking in. If you are always drinking fruit juice or soda, this may be discoloring your teeth and wearing down your enamel. You can cut back on them to alleviate some of the problem, or in the case of fruit juice, you can dilute it a bit to counteract the acidity.

You’ll also need to make sure that you are regularly visiting your dentist. Not only will this help your whole mouth stay healthy, but it is also a good idea in general. It is important to understand that these whitening kits are only designed to make real teeth brighter, so if you have special dental work or veneers, you should not use these strips. There are different products that can help whiten dental work, or you can get your teeth professionally whitened.

On the flip side, everyone else should feel confident that they can use this product. It’s up to you to decide how often you want to use these strips, as they are gentle enough to use regularly, as long as you follow the directions on the package.

They are also quite affordable, since they are not an international well-known brand; they are actually around a third of the price of some other kits and offer similar results.

In other words, it’s a good kit to start out with if you’re unsure of whether you will like using a whitening kit or not. You won’t be out much money if you try them and don’t like them.

However, since they work fast and offer visible results, you are unlikely to have a problem with them. In fact, you may like them so much that you’ll want to recommend them to all of your friends.


Lovely Smile whitening strips are powerful enough for you to see real results after just one use. However, if you use the whole kit, you can expect the results to last up to 12 months. That means you won’t need to purchase them constantly, which will save you time and hassle. Besides that, they are easy to use, don’t leave a messy residue, and are available in a pleasant mint flavor, which isn’t overpowering.

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