Teeth Whitening Strips Pros and Cons

Teeth Whitening Strips Pros and Cons
Whitening Advice

There are many reasons why someone may decide that they need to whiten their teeth. They may want a brighter smile or wish to make their mouth look healthier. Whatever the reason, it’s important to do some research on whitening strips before you choose a kit to use.

Here are some of the major pros and cons associated with teeth whitening strips. They are usually sold in kit form, meaning there is enough to use each day for a certain amount of time, usually around 2 to 3 weeks.


  • Can make teeth whiter. These products are able to get your teeth whiter. Depending on the kit, it can whiten the color of your teeth many shades. Of course, it works best if you utilize the entire kit without fail.

  • Can help confidence. When you whiten your teeth, you may become more confident. Having a brighter and healthier looking smile should make you want to smile more and relax, meaning you won’t be so worried about how you look.

  • Lots of different options available. There are so many kits available that you can find something that works great for you. For example, if you try a kit and it doesn’t give you the results you want, or you simply don’t like it, then you can try something different.

  • Easily accessible. Just like there are a lot of kits, they are also easy to find. Many can be purchased online or in a great number of stores.

  • Are able to give you a healthier mouth. Besides just removing surface stains, some kits are able to help you have a healthier mouth. When you’re taking care of your mouth, it really shows.

  • Easy to maintain. After you use a kit and see the results, you can use another kit to make sure that your teeth don’t yellow again. This means the whiteness you like is easy to maintain and keep up with.


  • May be expensive. Some people may not have the money it takes to keep purchasing whitening strips. They can get pricey, especially if you want something that works really well.

  • Can cause sensitivity. It is widely known that using these strips may cause some people to have tooth sensitivity. The more you use them, the more likely you are to have long- lasting sensitivity to hot or cold foods. You don’t want to have pain when you eat just because you wanted your teeth to look whiter.

  • May not work. All kits do not work the same. In other words, the kit you choose to use may not give you the results you want. You may still have dull or yellowed teeth after you finish using the kit.

  • Might be hard to use. Just like they don’t all work to the same degree, some are harder to use than others. For example, most have strips that stick to the teeth, but some can be messy or hard to remove. The product won’t work well if you aren’t able to use it properly.

Other tips

Here are a few other tips you need to know if you want to keep your teeth white and healthy.

For one thing, you definitely need to take your health and habits into account when you are trying to get your teeth whiter. If you smoke or drink coffee and red wine each day, your teeth may not be able to get as white as someone else.

You should also do what you can to eat a healthy diet and make sure that you are brushing your teeth and flossing as much as you’re supposed to. Otherwise your teeth may look white, but actually not be healthy at all.


Teeth whitening strips are great products, but it is important to note that all kits do not work the same. For the best results, do a little research to see what the reviews look like. This will give you the best indication of what the most effective kits are. There are other downsides as well, but there are also good things about the product. Overall, these kits are worth trying if you are interested.